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Nware has the experience to create complete software solutions for your enterprise and dedicated business modules that integrate with existing products. At Nware we understand the importance of identifying and modeling the business processes of the enterprise. Our goal is to create software that satisfies the needs of the client's business domain.

Application, Component and Hardware Integration:

Nware can connect your existing applications to third party systems or integrate third party components into existing products. Additionally we have the knowledge and experience to create device drivers in order to integrate custom hardware.

Migration and Upgrade:

The Nware Team is technology agnostic and vendor independent. We believe in using the correct tool for the job at hand. Nware can upgrade your application to the latest technology/application server or carry out a migration to an alternative technology platform.


Nware provides a wide range of testing services. The Nware Team can create and execute functional, load and stress tests that are reusable in order to ensure the quality of your product.


Nware is technology vendor independent and the Nware team includes a wide range of capabilities. The Nware Team focus is on, but not limited to, the following technologies and fields: